Merry Go Round

Youpi c’est la rentrée ! On est reparti pour un tour !

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Musique : telex
Paroles : Holy D.C.
Voix : Mighty Mike

Merci à vous deux, sans qui cette chanson aurait probablement tourné en rond de nombreux mois sur mon disque dur sans en trouver la sortie.

Et merci à Caroline pour cette vue du jardin des Tuileries.

Stuck in outdated savors
Of used annoying pleasures
You hold a frozen sight
I bet you didn’t give a try

And now you look at your back
To be sure to come in last
You moan before the start
Light touching has never been so sharp

And now you stare into space
Awaited look on your face
You cry before ending
In case you would get to enjoying

And now you look like you’re dead
An on and off nodding head
Trapped in a tourniquet
Happily following insane ways

And stuck in empty colors
Of fucking rotten pictures
You hold the rope to hang
I bet that you don’t give a damn yeah